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    ORGANIZATION: American Friends Service Committee
    PROJECT: Good Neighbor Project
    ABOUT: The Good Neighbor Project is a co-mentorship program designed to match up free-world individuals with Michigan prisoners who are serving Life or Long Indeterminate sentences. Many of these prisoners have been incarcerated for so long that they have lost their network of social support from family, friends, and the community. It is through letter or email correspondences that our co-mentors develop strong and meaningful relationships that are meant to promote transformation, redemption and healing. The reciprocal relationship provides an opportunity for both free-world and incarcerated individuals to grow and learn from each other. This program aims to give prisoners a voice and shed a light on the hardships of enduring prison and the problem with relying on long sentences to address deeply rooted social issues.

    Is the Good Neighbor Project right for you? Can you:

    • Agree to a one-year commitment to the program?
    • Commit to letter writing (or emailing) at least once every two weeks?
    • Attend co-mentor training and follow-up trainings?
    • Communicate with the program coordinator and submit updates/evaluations?
    • Engage in group discussions about problems, concerns and moral dilemmas you may encounter during the co-mentor relationship?

    CONTACT: Demetrius Titus, dtitus@afsc.org, 724-761-8283

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