Impact Language Glossary & Webinar: How to Use Language Within Media to Shape Perception and Policy

You’re invited to attend MI-CEMI’s upcoming webinar, “How to Use Language Within Media to Shape Perception and Policy.” Featured will be a panel of experts providing hands-on learning experience to demonstrate how we can collectively use language to shift the narratives surrounding mass incarceration, as well as dispute myths and misconceptions. 

We will engage in an in-depth analysis of our new resource, the Impact Language Glossary, aimed to help amplify the importance of our work through evidence-based common language. The glossary includes definitions of commonly used terms that could be damaging, along with recommendations for alternatives that better fit different scenarios.

The discussion will be hosted from 1-2:30 p.m. EST on March 13. You’ll hear from members of Piper & Gold Public Relations, Michigan Center for Youth Justice, The Sentencing Project and Dream.Org

Register now.

We look forward to your attendance! Please reach out with any questions regarding the webinar or information about resources.