Action Alerts

MI-CEMI stands behind the action items below and encourages everyone to join us in supporting them. By uniting our voices and efforts, we can wield our collective strength to drive meaningful change. Take a moment to review these action items and explore the suggested ways you can contribute to this cause. Together, we can build a powerful movement for positive impact.

Prison Gerrymandering

Senate Bill 0033 remains a key initiative in ensuring that a person’s pre-incarceration address is used as their home address for establishing voting districts, eliminating the unfair practice of counting incarcerated individuals as residents of the prison location.

By passing this bill, Michigan would join the ranks of 14 other states that have already taken decisive action against prison gerrymandering. We are proud to stand united with the Voting Access for All Coalition (VAAC)Voters Not Politicians, and other partners. 

Your support matters greatly, and we urge you to add your name to our sign-on statement, which will be addressed to elected officials and workforce policy decision-makers. It takes just a minute, and we will take care of the rest.

Michigan Fair Chance Access to Housing Act

Too often formerly incarcerated people face the challenge of returning home to communities with limited resources. The Michigan Fair Chance Access to Housing Act is an important step towards addressing homelessness and barriers people too often encounter during the housing process. We congratulate Nation Outside on drafting this bill. You can read the HB4878 full bill text here. Please join in supporting this vital legislation by adding your name to the sign on letter below.