Our Team

Steering Team Members & Organizations

Marilena David-Martin

Deputy Director, State Appellate Defender Office

Monique Stanton

President & CEO, Michigan League for Public Policy

Lois Pullano

Executive Director and Founder, Citizens for Prison Reform

Gabrielle Dresner

Policy Strategist, ACLU of Michigan

Mary King

Michigan Center for Youth Justice

Earl Burton

Relational Organizer, Michigan Liberation

Ashley Goldon

Program Director, Nation Outside

Adrianna Duchene

Kay Perry

Executive Director, Michigan Chapter of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (MI-CURE)

Sheba Rogers

Senior Program Manager, Detroit Justice Center

John S. Cooper

Executive Director, Safe & Just Michigan

Natalie Holbrook

Program Director, American Friends Service Committee

Daniel Jones

Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration

Leah Bacon

Center for Employment Opportunities

Chuck Warpehoski