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    The Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration (MI-CEMI) is a broad-based, statewide,
    non-partisan alliance representing non-profit, faith-based, advocacy, grassroots, and service
    organizations across the State of Michigan. MI-CEMI’s membership consists of two things:
    Steering Team Members and General Members.

    Steering Team Composition

    ● Steering Team membership will include up to 15 members.
    ● The Steering Team will include representatives of various organizations working on
    criminal justice issues in Michigan, and specifically include at least one organization of
    justice-impacted people.
    ● Members will be selected or renewed annually by the current membership of the
    Steering Team.

    Steering Team Responsibilities

    In order to remain in good standing, all Steering Team members must commit to the following:

    ● Attend monthly phone/ in-person meetings.
    ● Complete work assignments in between meetings.
    ● Actively recruit, engage and retain general members.
    ● Make an annual contribution to support MI-CEMI according to their organization’s
    annual budget.

    Steering Team Authority

    The Steering Team is empowered to do the following on behalf of MI-CEMI:

    ● Make decisions, including commitments, and endorsements.
    ● Enter into contracts.
    ● Apply for funding to support the work of the collaborative
    ● Coordinate the development and execution of organizational strategies.
    ● Host an annual membership meeting.


    General Membership

    General membership is open to any individuals, including currently and formerly incarcerated
    people, or organizations that support ending mass incarceration in Michigan through criminal
    and juvenile justice reforms.

    General Membership Responsibilities

    ● Support the work of MI-CEMI
    ● Assist with developing annual strategies
    ● Advocate for policy changes
    ● Help educate the public
    ● Stay informed

    General Membership Benefits

    ● Monthly newsletter
    ● Regular legislative updates
    ● Emailed action alerts
    ● Topic-based webinars
    ● Project-based ad hoc groups
    ● Website
    ● Annual meeting

    General Membership Opportunities

    ● Amplify your voice
    ● Stay informed
    ● Advocate for change
    ● Get support
    ● Make a difference!

    General Membership is free, but donations are always welcome!

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