Act Now: End Prison Gerrymandering in Michigan

Join the fight against prison gerrymandering and support Michigan Senate Bill 0033 today! The Voting Access for All Coalition (VAAC), Voters Not Politicians, the Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration, and our partners are urging you to take immediate action. Sign our petition and help us achieve fair representation in Michigan’s democracy.

The Issue: Prison gerrymandering distorts our democracy by counting incarcerated individuals as residents of the prison location rather than their pre-incarceration address. This unfair practice results in an unjust distribution of political power and representation, leaving communities underrepresented.

The Solution: Support Michigan Senate Bill 0033, which would use an individual’s pre-incarceration address for voting district purposes. By passing this bill, Michigan would join 14 other states in ending prison gerrymandering and upholding fair representation.

The Importance of Fair Representation: Incarcerated individuals have strong ties to their home communities, and it is crucial that their interests are represented. By ignoring their pre-incarceration addresses, we dilute their representation in favor of areas with prisons. Supporting SB0033 ensures that the voices of all Michigan citizens, particularly those impacted by the criminal legal system, are valued.

Take Urgent Action Today: Add your name to our sign-on letter to demand fair democratic representation in Michigan. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our democracy and create a future where every citizen’s voice is heard and valued.