Length Of Stay

Michigan has the longest average prison length of stay of any of the states examined by the Pew Center on the States in 2009. The length of stay has increased markedly over time and results in significant human and fiscal costs.

Both sentence length and how long people are kept before they are released on parole determine the average length of stay.

Research has shown that simply keeping people locked up longer does not increase public safety. Yet Michigan spends tens of millions annually keeping people in prison long beyond the time they are safe to release.
This work group aims to change the sentencing and parole policies that have driven up the average prison length of stay.

Currently, we are supporting a presumptive parole bill (HB 4138), a medical parole package (HB 5078-80), judicial veto bill, and elimination of mandatory sentences. And, we are opposing the use of county jails for state prisoners bill.

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