This work group seeks fair and productive re-entry initiatives by pursuing the following goals:
REJUVENATE the MPRI model to full community engagement and control, including pre-release and post-release programming and services, individualized case planning, advocacy, and public education. Request a “Program Audit” of MDOC to assess effective compliance with required responsibilities within the MPRI model.

REINVEST in communities again by creating legislation that requires savings from reduced recidivism be given to communities that returns control for MPRI funding back to communities – through accompanying appropriations law language.

REINSTITUTE the State Reentry Advisory Council and require that one of the co-chairs must be a community representative. Move MPRI from contract to grant.

REWARD communities with incentives when they have full reentry service delivery. Consider contract caps for service providers so that funding is balanced. Support/incentivize communities to obtain non-state support for funding of local MPRI programs.

REPRESENT the reentry movement in expanded ways including:
An association of former prisoners to build a political voice called The Nation Outside, The Voice of Former Prisoners; An association of prisoner reentry professionals providing credentialed training.

RAISE THE AGE OF JUVENILE JURISDICTION TO 18 by supporting MCCD’s new campaign (Includes a focus on diversion, Also see Diversion and Jail/Prison Admission Reduction Work Group Plan of Action) 6,400 in system who were incarcerated as a child and are now an adult. This was reported in the meeting, but not confirmed.

Future areas of focus for members of this work group are: expungement, ban the box, liability and tort reform for employers who hire returning citizens, and Certificate of Employability,​

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