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    Organizations interested in becoming a Steering Team Member may do so by applying. An organization applying must have at least one person act as a representative of that organization during Steering Team meetings. The Steering Team will consist of up to 15 members, elected by consensus, and will represent the following:

    • The convening organization for the Collaborative
    • The chairs of each Priority Project Workgroup
    • A Grassroots Capacity-Building/Advocacy Organization 
    • Various organizations working on criminal justice issues in Michigan
    • At least one organization of justice-impacted people.


    Steering Team Responsibilities

    In order to remain in good standing, all Steering Team members must commit to the following:

    •  Attend monthly phone/ in-person meetings.
    •  Complete work assignments in between meetings.
    •  Actively recruit, engage and retain general members.
    • Make an annual contribution to support MI-CEMI according to their organization’s annual budget.
      • $1 million or more = $1,200
      • $500K < $1 million = $500
      • $250 K < $500 K – $250
      • <$250 K = $100
      • Individual = $10-$100


    Steering Team Authority

    The Steering Team is empowered to do the following on behalf of MI-CEMI:

    • Make decisions, including commitments, and endorsements.
    • Enter into contracts.
    • Apply for funding to support the work of the collaborative
    • Coordinate the development and execution of organizational strategies.
    • Host an annual membership meeting.


    Steering Team Meetings

    • Phone and in-person meetings will be open and conducted by a professional facilitator.
    • The Steering Team will make decisions based on consensus. 
    • Any steering or general member may bring a project forward for formal MI-CEMI endorsement.
    •  The Steering Team may create ad hoc committees to support an approved project.
      • Ad hoc committees are open to general members.


    Become a member.

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