As a collaborative body, MI-CEMI works to support and uplift the work of its member organizations, as we collectively strive to end mass incarceration. This collaborative work has led to successful justice reforms led by one or more of MI-CEMI’s member organizations, with the support of MI-CEMI’s entire membership. These successes have been:

Adoption of Presumptive Parole
Reductions in Prison Population
Jail Reform Legislation
Raise the Age Legislation
Expungement Legislation (Clean Slate)
Plans to Issue State IDs and Voter Registration on Release
Indigent Defense Progress
Sex Offender Registry Act Declared Unconstitutional
Production of Video to Encourage Voting by Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated
● Introduction of SB 830 & SB 831 to Support Incarcerated Caregivers and Provide Oversight
Closing of Youth Facility in Kalamazoo