public safety

  • Empower Reentry: Unlocking Opportunities for All Michiganders

    “You can’t get a job or an apartment without your birth certificate and state ID.” – Chuck Warpehoski, MI-CEMI Program Director On January 25th 2024, released an article entitled, ‘Legislation seeks to ensure inmates have personal identification documents upon release.‘ The Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration advocates for a package of bills awaiting…

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  • Empowering Change: Investing in a Safer Michigan

    Your Voice Matters in Shaping FY2024-2025 Budget Reforms Today, we ask for your help. Governor Whitmer and the legislature are crafting the FY2024-2025 budget. You’re invited to support our Budget Recommendations. Our coalition of organizations has created the Investing on a Safer Michigan Budget Recommendations. You can read the full text here.

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