Advocating for Change: Tore Price’s Story of Fatherhood and Second Chances

As Father’s Day approaches, we turn our attention to a story that resonates deeply with families across Michigan. Fatherhood, with all its joys and challenges, takes on an added layer of complexity for men who have been incarcerated. One such story is that of Tore Price, an advocate, public speaker, and former incarcerated father who has navigated the difficult path of maintaining a relationship with his child from behind bars.

Tore Price was sentenced to 10 years in prison, leaving behind his 2-year-old son. During his incarceration, he faced the question: How can one maintain a meaningful relationship with their child while serving time? 

In a recent interview with Created Equal, Price discussed his experiences and the legislative changes he advocates for, including the “Second Look” bills in Michigan. These proposed laws would allow individuals who have served at least 10 years of their prison sentence the chance to petition for resentencing, potentially reducing their time behind bars. This is more than just a legislative push; it is a call for compassion and understanding, recognizing the human need for family and connection.

During his 10-year sentence, Price connected with organizations like the University of Michigan to become an advocate for incarcerated parents. Released last February 2023, Price emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive family reunification program to ensure parenting skills are strengthened during incarceration.

“You’re building relationships so that you can co-parent when they come home,” Price explains in a recent Public News Service interview

Statistics show that over 200,000 children in Michigan have had an incarcerated parent, with a significant majority being fathers. The racial disparities are stark, with African American and Latino children disproportionately affected. Price’s advocacy extends beyond the personal to the communal, highlighting the broader issues of restorative justice and the importance of family bonds in rehabilitation.

To hear Tore Price’s full story and his insightful interview, tune to Created Equal. His journey  serves as a powerful reminder of resilience and the enduring power of love and family. His work and advocacy shed light on the struggles and triumphs of incarcerated parents, emphasizing the importance of support systems and legislative change.

This father’s day, let us celebrate not just the fathers in our lives, but also the resilience and hope embodied by fathers like Tore Price, who strive to build and maintain strong familial bonds against all odds.